Internet Marketing: What It Is, Its Types And All About

Internet Marketing  is a set of channels and marketing strategies designed and optimized for the online environment, mobile devices and other digital media . Some well-known examples: sponsored links, SEO, email marketing and social marketing.

A lot is talked about Internet Marketing these days, but you know what it means and what it does? How can you help your business? Get all your questions below.

What is Internet Marketing?

The first thing you need to know about Internet Marketing is that it is not a science of its own. Internet Marketing does not exist without marketing . There are specific strategies and actions for the online environment , but all part of concepts common to the offline environment. Like marketing planning , branding, and research, lots of research.

Internet Marketing is a set of marketing strategies that have adapted to work on the channels that have emerged on the internet. In other words, it is the disclosure actions of companies that sell products and services over the internet and digital devices. In addition to expanding its relationship with customers, increasing loyalty and increasing the reach of its brand .

Today, the Internet is already considered to be the world's largest source of information. Since winning that title, companies have begun to invest heavily in Internet Marketing and content . The reason for this phenomenon to have happened is quite simple. In the past, an advertiser would put an advertisement on the TV and hoped for revenue to grow. A digital advertiser knows exactly how many people he has impacted on a campaign. And all the steps users took on the site after being impacted.

The Internet Marketing is very easy to measure and therefore has the risk much more controlled. Since it began, we have experienced an unprecedented evolution in media history . To become an attractive media, a channel needs a large audience. And it is at this point that the development of online channels surpasses any other.

The world is more connected and the speed of propagation of information is increasing. You can not get away from Internet Marketing.

Who should do Internet Marketing?

The answer to this question is quite easy: any advertiser. Be it small or large, retailer or service, producer of information or goods and services. Just go back to those marketing planning concepts I mentioned earlier in the article and study the best ways.

I will exemplify my point of view on. Before, the world was less segmented. The surveys were more demographic, focused on large audiences. The target audience for a product were, for example, AB class men, 20-30 years old, living in the metropolis. Nowadays, these demographic data I've cited can compose a different 15 publics.

Television was and still is one of the great media. Think of a family watching television together. What was the advertiser's dream? That he could print a different commercial for each member of the family. So he could focus on each individual's preferences. The internet allowed that. You can now put up a banner advertising a service on a health blog in senior citizenship.

For this reason, even though it is very small, a company can advertise its brand by first achieving the best levels of segmentation.

What are the goals of Internet Marketing?

The goal will depend on the essence of the advertiser in question. He may be wanting to generate new customers, sign-ups to increase the mailing list, or site engagement. An ecommerce will have  different Internet Marketing objectives than a software that sells signatures. The goals of a blog, for example, will be totally different.

To better understand the goals of Internet Marketing, you need to think about the concept of ecommerce funnel . Every sales process, no matter the essence of the business, works as a kind of funnel. That is, the company needs to get contacts and advance them for each step of the funnel. As there is a loss in each step, no matter the quality of the work, the diagram ends up in a funnel format.

Posted on July 04, 2018 at 02:05 PM