What is Social Marketing, How-To, and Sample Campaigns

What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of actions whose objective is to guarantee the visibility of a company, a brand, product or service .

The word comes from the English Market, which means "market".

The verb To Marketing is understood as "marketing."

So, doing marketing is marketing according to the needs of the audience to which you want to sell.

It is from there that actions are defined, which vary according to the objectives and also according to the characteristics of the people that it is intended to achieve.

What is social marketing?

Social marketing, as the term itself indicates, is a set of actions undertaken by a company for social and non-commercial causes . In this way, instead of focusing on the sale of products or services, or the reputation of the brand, it is promoted from ideas and attitudes.

Therefore, when it comes to institutional campaigns, social marketing is one of the main strategies used by companies.

It is practiced in particular by public agencies, for example, in which there is greater appeal to the collectivity.

Basically, social marketing strategies relate the company to an issue that is relevant to society as a whole.

Among them, the main ones are education, health and transportation, which are among the basic needs.

At the same time that it tries to soften punctual problems, social marketing ends up involving the population around the cause.

In short, it generates important benefits for a given community, whether regional or national.

Obviously, this type of campaign also entails a positive return for the company that promotes the actions.

This happens by reinforcing your positioning and values, improving your image.

Elements of social marketing

In order for social campaigns to reach their objectives, due attention and some essential elements must be given.

They are the ones who will guide your team in strategizing.

But, after all, how to correctly define the campaign?

The message may vary from company to company.

However, the basis of every campaign is formed by four main elements.

First of all, of course, we need to define the cause, which is the social issue to be addressed in the campaign.

Then there is the commitment to make clear who is the promoter of the change, that is, the company with which the cause will be associated.

The third element is to establish which segments will be chosen as the campaign target.

Finally, comes the icing on the cake.

In order for the campaign to be effective, it must propose strategies for change for that issue.

That is, there is a need to show the public that the company cares about the community and prays for its good.

That's the reason the social marketing strategy exists.

The importance of social marketing

We are experiencing a real revolution in consumer habits.

This happens largely thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet.

Consumers are increasingly demanding and with high expectations regarding companies, their products and services.

In this context, brands must always be in search of new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Thus, social marketing falls as a glove to act in this new market and win customers.

We must take into account that social responsibility must begin with actions of citizenship, making use of marketing as its base of support.

Therefore, the main benefit of this type of marketing is the generation of a differential value for the brand and a competitive advantage for it.

Posted on July 04, 2018 at 02:05 PM