Internet Marketing, the Novelty in Business

Among these publications are so-called "electronic bulletins", which can be beneficial, business-like, only if their design is striking and yes, as a strategy they are sent via e-mail to people who have authorized their reception. In this way, those responsible for disseminating this information medium through the Web would be fully complying with the work entrusted to attract potential customers.

It is important to keep in mind that these bulletins should be sent to people who want and authorize the information. In no case is it advisable to send e-mails by force, which in the computer language, are classified as junk mail or "spam".

Spam is a nonsense practice that increases with the passing of days, is nothing more than the indiscriminate sending of unsolicited emails. Generally it is about advertising products, services or web pages. Advertising that usually reaches everyone who has active the inbox of their respective e-mail, without any authorization.

All those who have an email account receive daily advertising messages that we do not request about things that do not interest us, it is annoying. So, therefore, those in charge of creating and sending virtual publications should never fall into this absurd practice, which is harmful to the job they are doing.

Now, when subscribing to people who are interested in the business, it is important to bear in mind in the first instance, that the advertising sample that is being broadcast online constitutes a bridge to create trust and credibility with potential subscribers. Then it's no use trying to subscribe without their consent, because the cordial way you're trying to build can collapse in the blink of an eye.

Some connoisseurs of the subject affirmed, that it is "better to have a bird in hand than thousands flying" when they referred to the cultivation of relationships with potential subscribers. Employers who work in this medium boast of having an extensive list of subscribed people, but 80 percent of this is made up of people who have not accepted the service, that is to say people who have no idea of ​​the service advertised. So, I ask, what is this worth? For serving us?

Given the above, it is preferable to create innovative and original advertising pieces that can reach the potential client, without falling into the sending of spam and thus begin to build a real list of subscribers. With people interested in the Internet Marketing business.

The creation of a list of subscribers should be a thought process, where it is a priority to capture the name and email of the person to be able to follow up, again and again, over time. Offering, of course, a good service that alone makes more people want to subscribe voluntarily.

If a satisfied subscriber comments to his friends about the benefits and quality of the service offered by the company, as a rule of three these people will want to subscribe and check for themselves what manifested by their comrade. In this way the list would be growing with real customers, who would buy more, pay more money for those purchases and would do so more often. Increasing assets, geometrically.

The above depends on the business strategies that may be applied. The mission is to attract more clients or prospects so that they buy what I advertise and that these at the same time stay true to us. A terrible provision of the service offered is the "Achilles' heel" of every business, that's why a well-structured, innovative work, carried out efficiently and effectively, without a doubt is what is needed to form a broad chain of subscribers.

To innovate so as not to be left behind in time, to know how to convince and reach prospects, are the main sales strategies, which undoubtedly would make the list grow? And the best way to grow, to nurture, is to provide customers with high quality services, rich and diverse content, and using modern tools such as audio tracks, videos and podcasts.

With the development of segmentation in products and the continuous growth of the circulation of information, this phenomenon known as Internet Marketing will continue to grow rapidly, causing traditional media to lose effectiveness.

For this reason it is necessary that to communicate our products and services and that the message reaches our potential customers, in addition to all the above, the appropriate techniques are used in order to achieve the objectives. The Internet is presented, in this sense, as an ideal channel.

Let's apply the above and take advantage of this new means of communication that is revolutionizing the economy and the way of doing business: the Web.

Posted on July 06, 2018 at 03:50 PM