What is Social Marketing? 5 Steps and 4 Examples to understand it

Generating social impact is a reality for different projects that are being disseminated and supported by many people, thanks to the use of technology and advertising. Several tools that we believed could only be used by large companies to sell their products are increasingly used in favor of social causes.

This is the case of Social Marketing, a set of traditional marketing concepts and tools that can be applied by companies, organizations and governments to transform habits of thought, attitudes and behaviors in favor of a particular population. For example, to persuade smokers to quit smoking, to influence the change or insertion of a new social law or to promote healthy life changes to improve public health conditions.

According to the book “The nonprofit marketing guide” by the writer Kivi Leroux Miller, these are the 5 steps that we must determine before creating a social marketing campaign:

- Product - The desired behavior that you want to encourage and what is needed to make this happen.

- Price - What can it cost the target population to change their behavior or way of thinking? This includes time, social stigma, money, etc.

- Place - Where behavior should change, when people think about it and how external conditions help or mislead our purpose.

- Promotion - What messages will make sense in the target audience and what channels we should use to launch them.

- Politics - What kind of rules and policies help or hinder us when we are trying to change the behavior of a group of people.

Some examples of campaigns are:

"It's not happening here, but it's happening now" - It was a campaign of the international organization Amnesty, created by a Swiss agency. The objective of this campaign was to highlight the abuse of human rights in countries such as Sudan, Iraq and China, in order to put aside indifferent behavior against the human rights of others and thus pressure governments to do something now.

"Not all suicide letters are seen as such" - The Looking Glass Foundation campaign , was born with the purpose of encouraging parents, friends, siblings and in general every individual to detect relatives or relatives with eating disorders, this with the order to give them help before it's too late.

"For anti-person mines" - Anti-personnel mines are a serious problem in many countries, however, not everyone is aware of the need to do something forceful in the face of this problem. With this campaign the United Nations intended to generate a change of mentality in countries where this type of problem is not present to help those who are. The video ends with a question: if there were anti-person mines here, would you do anything to eradicate them?

"You are a person or you are a black star" - This was a Colombian campaign launched by the Colombian Road Safety Fund for drivers of cars and motorcycles to think before getting behind the wheel. Literally painted stars were used on the ground where each passer-by or driver had died due to road irresponsibility, as well as videos, posters and other dissemination tools.

Let's use our creativity and the different printed and digital media that exist to spread campaigns with value and social sense, the concepts and tools are more and more within our reach

Posted on July 06, 2018 at 03:54 PM