5 Reasons To Do Live Streaming This 2018

Without a doubt we have seen how Streaming has consolidated itself as one of the leading content broadcasting platforms in recent years, but still has a lot of growth and potential, this 2018 do not stay out of the play.

Our clients have made transmissions of sporting, educational, cultural events, conferences, corporate, government, among many other applications, without a doubt it is the best way to spread your content around the world.

More and more people are watching streaming videos, and without a doubt 2018 will be the year that will break all the records, so we give you  5 reasons to start streaming.

1. The great rise of social networks

It is impressive the amount of time people spend on social networks, only in 2017 people spend 135 minutes on average per day visiting the different networks available, in 2016 the average was 126 minutes. This growth is due to the fact that each time these companies develop tools to enslave us to attract more.

It is expected that this 2018 people spend more time on social networks, which gives us an excellent opportunity to broadcast our content in streaming media, remember that in CWS we have the solution of Target Direct to be able to inject your signal simultaneously to Facebook , Twitter, Periscope and Youtube.

2. People are looking for live content all the time

Have you noticed that live event streaming singapore videos on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook Twitter and Periscope appear in the timeline with greater relevance, even notifications arrive informing us that there are streaming broadcasts? Well, this is not a coincidence, all social networks are prioritizing live events over traditional publications.

This information is supported by numbers, since 2016 users have seen 28% more live event streaming singapore, there are even companies that choose to make announcements and exclusive corporate presentations by streaming, leaving aside traditional media, this is because they know that there will be a greater "engagement" with the people, in addition the spectators have the possibility to comment and share the transmission with all their network of friends.

3. Professional streaming was never so easy

Nowadays anyone can stream, just look at how Facebook live works to know that with a single button we are on the air, but one thing is to do personal streaming from the cell phone, and another thing very funny is to broadcast live big productions Professional multi-camera, but do not be scared, because that is also very easy to do, thanks to the streaming solutions of CWS we can do it, we have professional encoders such as teradek, tricaster, wirecast gear etc. To transmit any type of event even in 4k quality! going through 1080p, 720p and SD formats.

4. The power to share (share) and comment

When NASA transmitted the great solar eclipse in August 2017, they had an audience of 85.9 million connections, but much of this number was thanks to all the people who shared the video through social networks, to be exact the transmission It was shared 198,000 times.

All this has to do with something that is key in live broadcasts, the famous "engagement" or in Spanish can be said as the link we achieve with the community through our presence. According to a study by Yahoo Live Opportunity, people feel significantly more excited when they watch a live video in Streaming than when they watch a VOD video or the same TV. Since the power to interact with the transmission and with the people who are tuning it is key.

5. HD quality, Full HD and UHD

Nobody likes to see low quality streaming, but thanks to years of development in the live streaming ecosystem and the advance in the speed of Internet connections, we are at a point where quality is more than acceptable, everything if we compare it with past years.

Previously most of the live broadcasts were of medium-low quality at 320p or 480p, now it is common for at least 720p, since with standard internet connections (3 to 5 MB) we can observe them without problems, it is for this is that most of the productions nowadays are made at an excellent quality.


Undoubtedly the live streaming ecosystem is constantly growing, this 2018 will be the year where more people perform and consume live video, and honestly do not see when there will be a decrease, on the contrary, it is estimated that by 2020 80% of global Internet traffic will be video, and 9 million minutes will be consumed every second.

Posted on November 07, 2018 at 01:19 PM